Who is Maggie?

Melodie & Maggie
Maggie, affectionately dubbed Maggiepie, is our beloved canine family member.  Her playfulness and exuberance brings great joy to us.  As a rescued dog, her happy approach to her new lease on life is inspiring.

In a similar way, I hope these whimsical and luxurious handmade accessories for the young and the young at heart help bring a huge smile to the faces of all who encounter them.

In case there is any confusion however, while this little venture is named after our dog, the products are intended for humans!

How did it all start?

My little pumpkinheads - N & Hubby
What began as an innocent search for a cute warm hat for my baby boy resulted in my obsession with knitting!

We had received an adorable knit hat from a cousin for our newborn.  Like most new parents, we lost it in the mad shuffle and were devastated.  Our search for a suitably adorable, high quality hat was unsuccessful until, on a whim, I decided to see if I could make it myself. I refreshed my knowledge of knitting, taught by my mother so many years ago, took a trip to the local yarn shop...and got completely sucked in by all the beautiful, high quality, yummy yarns. Once I started, I couldn't stop...

Since N could only wear so many hats, Maggiepie Handmade Creations was born.

I have always loved dabbling in different art and craft mediums and creating useful but pretty things with my hands. My product line represents my attempt to capture all the ideas in my head as inspired by my family, friends, and the beautiful materials, textures and colours I try to work into my creations.

Where are these products made?

The mad knitter herself
Each piece is handmade by Melodie, a work-from-home mother, based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Only the highest quality, luxuriously soft natural fibres are used in each hand-knit creation. 
Having sensitive skin myself, I use non-prickly materials and make sure they don't itch. I want to ensure the loved ones in your life do not have to worry about the safety concerns or discomfort associated with materials of lesser quality.  You will not find any mass-produced, inferior-quality, petrochemical-based products in my shop.  Once I tried fine natural fibres for myself and my loved ones, I couldn't go back to the synthetic stuff!

As a busy mother of an active son, concerned for the welfare of the earth our children will inherit, I do my best to source out ethically produced, earth-friendly materials. The majority of my products are also designed for easy care - machine washable and dryable where possible!

Each product is made with a lot of love and a strong commitment to the highest quality. I hope you enjoy these products as much as I have enjoyed creating them!

Special Thanks to...

  • My mother, my mother-in-law, and cousin Amanda for getting me back into the wonderful world of knitting.
  • My little man, N, for inspiring me.
  • My wonderful husband, who has: i) patiently put up with this obsession that hasn't yet gone away; ii) turned a blind eye to the fortune I've spent on these beautiful amazing natural fibres and all the associated tools of the trade; iii) been my pack-mule in the setting-up and tearing down at various craft shows; iv) taken the lion's share of childcare during winter craft season madness; v) been my encouragement when I felt like giving up.  I love you!